Road excavations - Our 66hp Diesel Road Saw allows for high speed bitumen and concrete cutting and can precision cut through flat surfaces such as roadways and floors to a depth of 550mm.

Wall sawing - Unlike other methods of demolition, wall sawing leaves a smooth finish that is ready for installation of door jams, windows, and louvers with no harm to the remaining structure. Using the latest 700mm depth wall saw we can deliver precise, clean cuts for openings in vertical and horizontal surfaces as required.

Reinforced concrete - Our diamond core drills cut through reinforced concrete much more efficiently and effectively than regular hammer drills, saving you time and money on the job.

Hydraulic cutting - This fume-free method allows us to cut cleanly and precisely without the hazardous fumes, noise, mess and damage caused by impact tools.

Hydraulic ring sawing - Our hand-held cutting equipment boasts the latest in design and technology for efficiency and ease in operation and can achieve a 260mm depth instead of the usual 150mm. It is a fast and affordable method perfect for: Small precise openings where circular blades are too large tight areas where larger saws cannot access.

Expansion joints - We can apply precise shallow cuts into the concrete as it cures to ensure it cracks at regular intervals, where specified.

Slab removal and disposal - Our trained and experienced staff can remove slabs, trenches, wall openings or other areas we have cut, offsite by hand or bobcat.

Home improvement ideas - In recent years concrete has re-emerged as a prime building material, highly rated amongst architects, interior designers and landscapers - because of its sculptural qualities and range of textures. There have been great advances in the material itself, with many varieties, textures and colours of concrete now available. ACT Concrete Cutting has been involved in some innovative contemporary projects, products, and technologies that demonstrate the versatility and potential beauty of concrete for both residential and commercial use.

Landscaping - Concrete is becoming increasingly popular in the landscaping industry particularly for paths, walkways and curbing. The growing use of stained and decorative concrete finishes can also be applied to a range of garden uses such as patios and driveways for a cost-effective and stylish landscaping solution.

Basement ideas - Because of the legal restrictions on ceiling heights, it is always easier to lower the concrete basement floor to increase ceiling height rather than raise the house. Lowering a concrete basement floor can be accomplished, in most cases, by cutting and removing the existing concrete, digging the dirt out and pouring a new concrete floor.

Windows and doorways - We can cut egress windows and doors into concrete foundations and openings for the installation of basement stairs and bulkheads – perfect for home extensions and renovations.

Core drilling - Diamond drilling of core holes for plumbing, posts, fastening, weep holes etc. From a small, hend-held rig up to a large hydraulic drill press we can achieve precision core holes in a variety of sizes up to 700mm dia. 

Using Husqvarna’s AD10 automated drill-feed system several cores can be completed at once. (See Video)

Concrete Scanning - Using the state of the art Conquest GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) system we can take an image of what lays inside the concrete and beneath including post tensioning cables, steel reinforcement, conduit, and power cables.