Hydraulic cutting

Petrol powered hand saws are ideally suited where there is limited access for larger machinery, they are used in demolition, cutting out windows and doorways, they will cut to a depth of 260mm and we also have a hydraulic unit available for confined spaces. We also have a flush cut saw available for floors and the bottom of doorways. All these handsaws provide the convenience of cutting floors in areas that are inaccessible for a road saw and faster, more efficient way of cutting shallower depths in walls than our wall saw.

ACT Concrete Cutting can cut concrete in sizes for removal either by hand or machine. Kerbs, cross-overs, paths, trenches, driveways and factory floors.

ACT Concrete Cutting operators all take pride in the long, straight cutting required for joints to factory floors and car parks. All general cutting in factory situations, for pits, trenches and machine bases + wall sawing.