Core drilling

Core drilling is used when precise circular holes are needed. Holes of any size and depth can be drilled. Core drilling is commonly used for penetrations for plumbing, electrical and airconditioning services, engineering installations and test cores. ACT Concrete Cutting Core Drilling machines are available in electric, hydraulic powered units. 

  • We use diamond core drill bits cooled with water to eliminate the dust associated with the process of sawing and drilling.dms-240
  • We offer core-drilling services starting from 12mm diameter to 700mm diameter.
  • Hand Held Drill in Concrete, Brickwork, Stone.
  • If you need to create holes as intricate as 10mm or 12mm through delicate materials, our super high speed Hilti rigs will be ideal.
  • Suction rigs can be utilized where no mechanical fixing can be made.
  • Large diameter holes? Inverted holes? Our high powered hydraulic drill rigs complete the most testing project with precision.


For any Core Drilling application ACT Concrete Cutting has the equipment & the experience to complete the job safely & efficiently.