Wall Sawing

ws463ACT Concrete Cutting have a vast knowledge of systems for wall sawing.

Wall sawing is used for walls and steep inclines that cannot be accessed by other flat surface cutting equipment such as road saws. Wall sawing is typically employed to cut precise openings in most building material, from brick to heavily reinforced concrete.

Wall sawing is a hydraulic powered cutting head mounted on metal track, which is firmly bolted to the wall floor or roof. It requires a diamond blade and water and will cut to a maximum depth of 700mm. 

As in other fields such as road sawing & core drilling, we have a range of equipment for every application.

  • Electric & Hydraulic saws for indoor/confined space applications. Handheld petrol & hydraulic machines capable of cutting up to 260mm deep.
  • We also have our remote controlled, track mounted system for cutting up to 700mm deep through walls, roofs, floors etc.
  • Stairways & Stair Cutting

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