Expansion joints

ACT Concrete Sawing & Drilling has a number of machines ranging from 21hp to 66hp. A Road saw is a petrol, diesel or electric powered flat saw that has excellent manoeuvrability that allows us to cut depths of up to 700mm. Road Saws are used to cut expansion joints, concrete slabs and asphalt with ease. Road sawing is one of the most cost effective and fastest cutting procedures in the industry.

Tile pattern cutting available on 45 degree angle or square to the edges. In cutting tile patterns prior consideration to the tile size and a careful setout can often prevent narrow 'tiles' on prominent edges. Our experience together with compact and very accurate joint saws makes ACT Concrete Cutting a logical choice for all decorative and architectural cutting.

New driveways paths and patios all require joints to control cracking. Our experienced operators place the joints where needed while still giving consideration to the final appearance of your new concrete.